Countdown to the next event

Welcome to our 2024 season. This year, our gatherings will take place on the second Sunday of every month beginning on April 14th and running until November 10th at Goodwives Shopping Center, 25 Old Kings Highway North in Darien, CT.

Please come on down and enjoy a diverse display of classic, sports, and exotic cars, bikes, and trucks.  One of the things that makes our event unique is that there are no rules or requirements regarding what’s “worthy” of being included. It’s not uncommon to see Brass-era cars parked right next to the latest supercar from McLaren.

To make things a little more interesting this season, we’ll be featuring cars from different manufacturers every month, but any year, any make, any model of car or motorcycle is welcome. We encourage you to bring the kids and your pets. These family-friendly events also offer coffee and discounted breakfast treats for sale from Aux Delices.

Cars and Coffee Darien 2024 Season Schedule

April 14th featuring German Marques
May 19th featuring English Marques
June 9th featuring Fords and Ford-powered cars
July 14th featuring GM and GM-powered cars
August 11th featuring Chrysler and Chrysler-powered cars
September 8th featuring Italian marques
October 13th it’s the 2024 Cannonball© Reunion
November 10th featuring cars from France, Spain, Sweden, and the Pacific Rim

Individual event sponsorship opportunities still available. Click for details.

Everyone who attends will get a lanyard and commemorative ID badge with a bar code that’s good for 20% off any breakfast goodies at Aux Delices. Register to show your car and get your coffee for free.

Why Goodwives Shopping Center?

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, there was a restaurant in Goodwives called the Lock, Stock, and Barrel. The LS&B was owned by Darien resident George Lysle who, after a brief tenure on Wall Street, decided to take on the challenge of managing the careers of the most notable names in the auto racing industry at IMG. With George’s connection to motorsports, and his long-time friendship with race car driver Peter Revson, when George opened the LS&B, it became a hangout for local motorsports enthusiasts, and in 1979, the LS&B served as the starting point for the last “official” Cannonball.

Some of the nearly 3,000 people who came to the Lock, Stock and Barrel for the start of the 1979 Cannonball.
Some of the nearly 3,000 people who came to the Lock, Stock and Barrel for the start of the 1979 Cannonball.

What was The Cannonball?

The Cannonball – technically it’s called The Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash – was conceived by automotive journalist Brock Yates, at the time, a writer and Editor for Car and Driver magazine, as a defiant response to the newly introduced 55 MPH national speed limit. In May 1971, and again in November 1971, November 1972, and April 1975, this infamous cross-country, no-holds-barred outlaw race began in New York City at the Red Ball Garage, and ended at the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, California. But the 1979 race, the race  edition of the race, the one that inspired the 1981 film “Cannonball Run“, started at the LS&B in Darien, CT. Directed by Hal Needham, the movie featured an all-star cast, including Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Moore, Sammy Davis Jr., Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin, Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Farr, Terry Bradshaw, Jackie Chan (in one of his first screen roles), and many, many others. The success of the film led to a 1986 sequel, “Cannonball Run II.”

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